Explain the Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development

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1. Understand the principles and requirements of assessment
1.1Explain the function of assessment in learning and development

Assessment is carried out to ensure that learning has taken place. It measures the learner’s knowledge and skills in their learning area. Assessment encourages learners to ask questions on anything they have not fully understood, as learners know that they will have to prove their knowledge and understanding to the standards of the awarding body.

Learning and development are both connected. The learner needs guidance to understand what it is they have to learn, if they are on track and how they may improve. Assessment is essential for this to happen. There will be observation, teaching one to one to assess
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Assessment has to be fair, consistent and valid to ensure all learners have an equal and fair chance of receiving a fair assessment. An assessor cannot be persuaded to give a learner an easier assessment because they favour that learner. The assessment process may have to be adapted to be suitable to the learner’s needs but, needs to eventually lead to the same outcome.

Another key principle is Validity. This is just as important as reliability and the assessor needs to question if the assessed task actually showed what it was supposed to. It is also important that the tasks you are assessing are relevant. When devising an assessment task it is important that it addresses the skills you want the learner to develop but that it is also in a context with a sense of real purpose to the learner.

2.3 The responsibilities of the assessor
The role of the assessor is to make an informed judgement about the range of evidence the learner has completed to show their competence to meet the assessment criteria. The assessor must also maintain objectivity. Other responsibilities of the assessor are; to carry out assessments in accordance with specifications and documentation. They must ensure that evidence provided by the learner is sufficient to meet the requirements. They must provide feedback to the learner about their performance and achievement. They are
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