Explain the Hardware, Software and Peripheral Components of a Computer System and the Functional Relation Between These Components

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Explain the hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system and the functional relation between these components.

Fig: functions of the operating systems (1)

1- Hardware
Hardware consists of physical equipment of the computer. We distinguish equipment within the Case such as:
Power supply: it is the equipment that receives electricity from a DC current and converts it to a alternative current AC for the needs of the computer. The power supply may depends on the motherboard of the computer because the wattage varies depends on other equipment inside the computer. Fig 3: power supply (4)
The motherboard: it is the main equipment of the computer. On it are stored and connected every other equipment. The motherboard
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Two of the main features of the operating systems are:
-multi user: it means that two or more users can run programs at the same time, it is used particularly with mainframe and minicomputer (3)
-multitasking: it means that it is able to execute more than one task at the same-time. For example we can play music in the computer and use the write a document in Microsoft word.
We have many type of operating systems:
-Windows (XP, VISTA, Windows 7…)
-Mac OS X
there are additional operating systems that we find on the computer. We called them systems tools of the computer. we use them for the routine maintenance. routine maintenance is different method we take to keep our computer safe and without problems. we have tools such as
Disk defragmenter: it is a tool that we use to keep our computer running quickly and organizes and consolidates data on the hard disk, allowing the systems to run faster. we have to use it at least every week.[17]
Disk cleanup: it is a tool that enables us to free space in the hard disk and improve the performance of the computer. we use it to remove and delete programs such as temporally internet files, or programs that we don’t use.[17]
Backup, [17]

Application software: they are programs designed to handle specific types of information and achieve useful results. We distinguish many kinds of application software:
-word processing: in those applications
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