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Explain the need for keeping records of assessment of learning and describe the types of records you would maintain. Accurate, factual, up to date Record keeping is a very important part of a teacher’s role. They need to keep effective assessment records for every student. It allows both teacher and the student to reassess the teaching-learning relationship. This identity’s which students need more help, guidance and support and helps them understand what they need to do next to improve their work. This enables the teacher to base their lesson plans on a detailed knowledge of each pupil. Records tell us what has been taught and when. It helps underpin the courses structure by telling us the complete history and progress of both student…show more content…
6. Record of achievement: This records the student’s academic performance on a weekly, monthly or on term basis. It helps to monitor students’ academic progress. 7. Action Plans: It gives information on what a teacher plans to teach over a period of time. There are 2 action plans: * Subject action plan * Tutorial action plan It also advices students of the pattern in which the subject will be covered. 8. Record of Work: These record pictures how the teacher has planned to complete each subject based on the number of lessons. It helps the authorities to know what is being taught in school, and shows how and when work is done. 9. Assignment registers: These records help the teacher keep track of the students’ involvement in the subject. It also helps teacher have an overview of the students understanding and involvement in the subject. It also helps bring out other talents hidden within a student. Record Keeping Think about the records you have to keep; it may help to list them under subject/teaching records; organisation records and regulatory/awarding body records. Your list may include some of the following records (all courses and organisations’ requirements will be different so don’t worry if you only keep a couple of these) – course application form; skills check results; Individual Learning Plan; disability disclosure; Learning Support referral; learner agreement; learning styles checks; copies of examination results entry

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