Explain the Reasons Why Children and Young Peoples Development May Not Follow the Expected Pattern

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Unit 022 Outcome 3
Understand how to monitor children and young people’s development and interventions that should take place if this is not following the expected pattern

2 Explain the reasons why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected pattern

There are many reasons and factors why a child is not following the expected pattern of development. For example the child may be emotionally unsettled due to a number of reasons. Family life plays a significant part in a child’s development. If for instance the child is living with parents who constantly argue and fight this will have an effect on the child and cause stress. Also if the child is from a one parent
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For example one family may allow their child more freedom and let them play outside in the street whereas another would keep the child in the confines of the garden only. This is also true in the case of an older child for instance a teenager. One may be allowed the independence and freedom of coming in late and another is not. All these decisions made by parents and carers can affect their child’s development.

A child may be prevented from developing by a disability. This may also affect the child in several areas of development. A child with a physical disability may not have much movement and will be unable to join in with outdoor games and sports. However with the right support and equipment the child will be able to participate so early intervention is vital for the child’s physical and emotional wellbeing.


There are many reasons why a child may have learning difficulties. The child may have had difficulties at birth or the problems may be genetic. Having a learning difficulty will affect development in a child. The child may need one to one help with reading, writing and arithmetic and support with other activities. Such children may find it hard to interact with other children and may also develop low self-esteem as they struggle academically.

The level of a child’s communication skills can have an effect on most areas of development. If a child is struggling with communication and language they
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