Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth to 19 Years of Age

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1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years of age Introduction: Children’s do not develop at the same rate as each another .Every child has different rate of Development Areas of development: These are the main areas of development 1. Physical development 2. Social development 3. Intellectual development 4. Language development As there will be difference of children progress at the same rate .The below is the guide To they might develop for the following age’s ranges Age 0 to 3 years 1. Physical development: Babies turn their head towards sounds and movement’s .They like to watch the face of adult at feeding time. They start sitting with support and gradually sit…show more content…
The average age of the menstruation is around 13. Girls are likely to grow little after age 13; most of their growth will be complete by 13. Boys: Many of the boys grow height around this age. They also experience muscle growth and start take on manly physique. Their public hair will also grow thicker .voice may become deepen and even break. The growth of the spurt may delay for few boys and they may also have late pubertal growth in other areas. This can be a cause of teenager considerable anguish. 2. Social development: At this age they may become self-conscious as they notice changes in the body shape and odour. Children are more independent and start move away from parents and close to the peer group. Many teens develop very close friendship with the same sex. And most also develop interest in opposite sex but they will not be ready for a relationship. 3. Intellectual development: At this age they become less concerned about adult approval and turn instead to their friends. They find security in group acceptance and they follow peer group dress and behaviour. 4. Language development: At this age they may be constant sarcasm and supposed Witticisms can be irritating but their just testing new. They may also develop an interest in satire and other slightly offbeat forms of humour. Age 17 to 19 years At this age there will be rapid and intense growth; physically, mentally, and emotionally. They
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