Explain the Term Audit and Outline the Main Points of an Auditing Process.

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According to a publication by N. Chesworth; the purpose of an audit is to assess if the business is physically capable of producing a safe product which is consistently high in quality and safety. It is also used to check legal constraints are met to an acceptable level using effective control methods ensuring consistent performance.
Another constructive way the audit is used is to ensure certain measures are present to support due diligence defence. Audits are usually carried out continuously to highlight any problems or issues that the business needs to deal with.
Chesworth also highlights; there are three main types of audits which follow the same basic steps. The first type of audit is a Vetting Audit; this is usually used as an
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In the document review if any obvious inadequacies or problems occur the audit should be stopped and all inadequacies should be discussed with the appropriate HACCP team. The system can then be reviewed and implement any further training requirements.
The first Audit Checklist can now be completed, this is specifically aimed at helping to confirm the Process Flow Diagram. An example of what should be included in this would be raw materials, process and packaging & dispatch.

An Opening Meeting is required to confirm the audit scope, timetable and personnel required. It also gives the auditors a chance to request any additional documentation required for the second document review. It is essential to validate the Process Flow Diagram at this early stage in a HACCP audit. This is when the auditor must watch, listen and ask questions about the system and note any problems.
The second Document Review and Audit Checklist can be completed on a more informed basis. This time the document review should include reviews of evidence and what procedures are in place for CCP monitoring, hygiene records and pest control.
The HACCP Control Chart can now be approved, this is only completed by the auditors observation and questions. Once all these steps are completed a Closing Meeting can be arranged and Audit Report compiled, this includes the findings of the audit. Any

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