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Explaining Depression

Among the many mental diseases, bipolar disorder has recently exploded onto our society and still seems to challenge our medical professions. Bipolar disorder has manipulated over 2 million Americans at one point in time or another in their lives (2). It is quickly becoming a recognized disease and is treated very seriously in today’s society. There are two types of the bipolar disorder. In the type 1 of the bipolar disorder, which is also the most severe, individuals may experience the incidents of acute depression (2). In the type 2 disorder, manic symptoms are present along with the occurrence of at least one extreme depressive incident. Bipolar disorder is a disease
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Mania surfaces around the age of fifteen to twenty five and occurs as frequently in men as it does in women (2). The manic phase of the bipolar disorder can be described by an increase in goal-oriented activities, extravagant self-esteem, distractibility, incessant thoughts, lack of self control, more talkative than normal, easily agitated, boost in energy, and the reduced need for sleep. As with depression, the manic phase can last for a few days up to months (2).

Even though over 14 million individuals suffer from depression, it is not a normal part of life and is very treatable. The first method of treating an individual for depression is prescribing them two different types antidepressant medication. The first medication is called “Wellbutrin XL.” This type of antidepressant balances the two types of neurotransmitters that cause depression (dopamine and norepinepherine). (3) The second medication is called “Paxil CR.” What this type of antidepressant does is it regulates the balance of a chemical in the brain called “serotonin.” Serotonin is a natural substance that acts as a messenger between nerve cells in the brain. (4) A different method and the most effective method of treating depression is called “talk therapy.” There are four different types of talk therapy and each type focuses differently on each

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