Explaining Habits: Chapter Summary

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1. McMillan demonstrates that the only way to fix the American eating habits is to consider the issue of social classes when discussing about the best eating habits that promotes health and fitness.

2. McMillan deplores the tendency to argue over which one is more important than the other in solving the eating problem in America; the individual preferences changes or the structural changes in the American food system.

3. McMillan refutes the claim that changing the individual differences in eating habits is the only way to solve the obesity problem in America today. The logic of “just-buy-better-stuff.”

Introducing Quotations

4. In McMillan's view, it’s strikingly rare for those two halves to cleave together in public discourse—and that
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Basically, McMillan is saying that it is rare to find that the people seeking to change the eating habits in America consider the aspects of individual preferences and structural aspect of the American food system at the same time. They often cling to one of the factors.

7. In making this comment, McMillan urges us to have in mind that the obesity problem in America cannot be solved overnight because it is an issue connected to both how we access foods and our personal preferences. Adjustments to these two factors could be the only way to curb the problem.

8. The essence of McMillan's argument is that class consciousness is a key issue in formulating policies to change the eating lifestyles of the American people. Some poor people may not access the right foodstuffs (MacMillan, 2012).

Disagreeing, with Reasons

9. I think McMillan is mistaken because she overlooks the issue of giving the people the right information on the healthy eating habits and physical exercise. This is because the access of information should be a primary strategy in reducing obesity cases in America.

10. By focusing on the social class differences McMillan overlooks the deeper problem of poor people’s tendency to resist change that is, changing their food tastes for the
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