Explaining Hypertension and Diabetes Essay

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Explaining hypertension to a 63-year old man with an 8th grade education: Hello sir, the doctor wanted me to come in and talk to you for a minute. I understand that u have just been diagnosed with hypertension. I want to make sure you understand what that is and what goes along with it. Hypertension is just our fancy word for high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that your blood is putting on the walls of your arteries. Now most people don’t even realize they have high blood pressure because more often than not, there are no signs or symptoms going along with it. Now, when checking your blood pressure we put on the blood pressure cuff and then we listen for your heart beat. There are two stages we get, one …show more content…
Now that doesn’t mean you have several different diseases; that means that there are several different types of diabetes. There are three basic forms of diabetes, type 1, which is where the body is unable to make insulin, and type 2 which is where the body is unable to use the insulin, then gestational diabetes, which I’m going to assume you’re not pregnant so we won’t go over that. Now, insulin is a hormone from the pancreas that converts, sugar for example, into energy we need. Think of it like sugar is the oil, insulin is the process of turning that oil into gas, and that’s the energy we need to make the car go, if u just put oil into your, noting is going to happen, same basic concept. To keep on top of this, you will need to check your blood sugar level often; your blood sugar level is just how much unrefined sugars are in your blood stream. We want to keep that level under 100. Now, there are a couple of things you can do to keep this level, one and most importantly, is going to be diet. A good amount of people can actually control their diabetes with diet alone. Second is going to be injecting insulin into your body by either a pump or shots, this would counter acts the effects of your body not creating enough insulin. There are also other possible medications that might work, but the method you use is up to you, your doctor, and your parents. So what happens if you continue without intervention? Well, nothing

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