Essay about Explaining My Aspiration to Study Politics

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1 Politics affects everyone's lives and I feel that pursuing a degree relevant to our ever 2 changing political system can help me gain the relevant understanding to pursue a wide range 3 of possibilities. 4 My aspiration to study Politics both at advanced and degree level stemmed from the 2010 5 general election; it encapsulated the interest of many people across the country, in part, 6 because of the first historic live TV debate. My study in A-level Politics not only 7 accentuated my awareness of current affairs and my understanding of how different political 8 systems work, but also helped me develop ideas of my own political beliefs. As a result of 9 studying the differences between the…show more content…
I particularly 26 enjoyed attending, "surgery", which entailed helping people from the local constituency with 27 their problems and offering solutions to those. I have found these experiences invaluable to 28 shape my own political agenda particularly as they have helped me gain a first hand insight 29 into the life of a politician. More importantly, it helped me ascertain my political beliefs. 30 My current career ambition is to work in Parliament with the idea of reforming a system that, 31 in my opinion, is out-dated and anachronistic. With the specific focus of decreasing political 32 apathy with a new type of politics outside the two party system that has existed for decades. 33 When I start my degree I look forward to using the skills I have developed from my various 34 other subjects. The analytical skills from being an English student would be useful when it 35 comes to gathering important information of various texts. Being a Psychology student has 36 helped me become a more open minded person being able to better understand the thinking behind 37 many of our everyday decisions. Outside of lessons, I am a valuable member of my school's 38 debating society
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