Explaining My Culture through Goffee and Jones and Schein's Theories

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I intend to compare my organization using Goffee and Jones, and Schein’s theories. I will include an assessment of how I would characterize the culture. I will explain my culture using what I learned from each theory. Goffee and Jones describe culture as having sociability and solidarity. My culture is largely Solid, goals and achievements are encouraged and expected. They exist to enhance the customer experience. The organization regularly identifies outcomes or goals to achieve. The goals and outcomes are largely related to regulatory bodies such as The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals. There is an ego, dark side, as described by Goffee and Jones, in the corporate motto “Your life deserves Penn Medicine.” The social aspect exists through communication, from staff to management, of ideas to best achieve outcomes. Staff educational goals are supported with tuition reimbursement and flexible scheduling. Goffee and Jones use several tests to identify a culture’s identity. The four parts of the tests used include the observational checklist, the corporate culture questionnaire, evaluation of the positivity or negativity of culture, and critical incident analysis. The four identities of culture that arise from the tests are networked, mercenary, fragmented, and communal. Goffee and Jones explain theses four identities as having both positive and negative attributes in solidarity or alignment, and sociability or connection. Using Goffee and Jones, I

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