Explaining Subjective Consciousness Essay

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Explaining Subjective Consciousness I often ask myself, why me. There are billions of brains on this planet alone, and no one knows how many sentient beings exist in the galaxy, or in the entire universe. I share 99.8% of my DNA with chimps (if I remember well), and even more with any human on the planet. Granted, there is no brain that works _exactly_ like mine. But the differences seem trivial. Why must I be witness to the data processing that occurs inside this particular brain? The problem has been obscured for a long time, because no two people are exactly alike. Even identical twins end up with slightly different DNAs and different environmental influences make them into very different people. "Everyone is different,…show more content…
If you have uncertainties at this point, please go back and read over, because things get tough from now on. Duplicating your friend was fun, but let's suppose you now want to duplicate yourself. At the end of the experiment, there would be two "you"s in the room. We will try to answer a few questions about their identities and the relationships between the two. First, we would be tempted to ask, who's the original, and who is the copy. We have already decided that an atomic copy leaves no room for differences - two atoms of a same element are perfectly identical. So how can it be possible that we still see things from only one pair of eyes? If we agree that there can be no difference between the original and the copy, then we must agree that seeing from only 2 of those resulting four eyes is suspicious. Don't start the "but they will be different people" argument. It is not relevant here. In fact, to help you get that out of the way, we have performed the experiment in a perfectly symmetrical room. Magnetic fields, thermal fluctuations, the wallpaper... everything is identical down to the smallest detail. The doors are locked. The two people in the room (you and you) will continue to have the exact same inputs from all senses; therefore, they will continue to be exact copies. It could be very difficult to
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