Explaining Theme in Jake Reinvented by Gordon Korman

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One thing most people will never understand is Theme but today I will be explaining one of the many themes of Jake Reinvented. What I will be talking about is the theme Most of people love the idea of someone but not the real person themselves. This theme says that people like someone because of what they look like, what they do, and how they think but don’t like people who are weird or ugly or awkward. I chose this theme because this is the way the real world works and most people get left out because of what they look like. I will be giving specific quotes and information directly from the book to help explain my point and help you the reader of this theme paper understand my theme. I will be writing on 3 different points with 5 quotes or examples and I will explain the points and quotes as well. In Jake reinvented Jake used to go to a school with the ultra popular Didi Ray who is both popular and very cute and its obvious later that he likes her. In the beginning of the story Jake is Didi’s tutor but she is too popular and is afraid that she will become an outcast if she is seen with him although she does like him. 1 Quote that supports this is “She was the ultimate affirmation, a mega-phone blaring: I’ve got the girl of every ones dreams right here in my arms? It must have erased years of teasing that surely have been directed at an exceptionally bright kid” which is page 164. Another quote that shows that Didi was in fact in love with rick but sense he was now

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