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Question 1

Marketing mix element Description of each of the 7 P’s Explanation and Sun International Example.
Price The assignment of value or the amount the consumer must exchange to receive the offering. The physical amount that is payable for a room or a meal, or any good or service at Sun International. (Sun International )

Product The physical product or service as well as other features related to the product, such as the brand name, packaging, support service and the guarantee. Sun international offers accommodation and vacations for consumers all over the world that offers different places to see and activities for all ages to enjoy. (Sun
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It refers to the skills, knowledge and attitudes of front office, backstage and support staff. Sun international communicates on their website that if you “book 60+ Days out and get 10% off. “ As well as “book 4 nights and get 10% off!” (Sun International )

People This is all the people that are involved in delivering the service. It refers to the skills, knowledge and attitudes of front office, backstage and support staff. The employees that serve in the restaurants at sun international, as well as the people making the reservations, working in the casino and at the concierge desk and backstage is the manager that manages employees in terms of the operations. (Sun International )

Physical evidence This is the inanimate space where employees and customers interact, or any other tangibles that communicate value to the customer. Sun international has a very straight forward website that is user friendly and allows consumers to access any information they need, the website includes the resorts, contact information as well as all things included. (Sun International

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