Explanation Of Initial Business Model Canvas

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Explanation of Initial Business Model Canvas Customer Segments: The customer type would be a young adult, often an “early adopter” of new technology and products, eager to customize and personalize their possessions in order to be distinct. They often spend time and money on customizing their products and seek to differentiate themselves from others. Value Propositions: Customers are looking for a way to express themselves in new forms. There are a number of individuals who are part of or support organizations and teams and would like to show support in new innovative ways. This product fulfills a need that consumers have to personalize their cards and differentiate them from others. Channels: The overlays will be sold to our customer segment through an E-commerce sales system found on the website. This makes the most sense as it reduces overhead costs, allows for quick transactions, and allow for the ability to capture data for a newsletter subscription. Customer Relationships: We will communicate with current and potential customers through a newsletter and active presence on various social media outlets. With the product being fairly simple, we will provide FAQ’s for customers who seek any assistance. Revenue Streams: We will sell our pre-designed overlays at a fixed cost, continuously updating them according to trends and viral followings. These methods were selected so we can save on printing costs by doing batch runs and establish full control over the product and its
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