Explanation Of The Poem 'Bang The Doldrums'

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“Bang the Doldrums” has moods and emotions of regret of saying goodbye in a past relationship with the speaker’s lover just like the last song it’s about Lover. There are many lines throughout ‘Bang the Doldrums” that have figurative language alluding to regret about letting go of a past lover. The lines that allude to regret are “I wrote a goodbye note in lipstick on your arm When you passed out I couldn’t bring myself to call Except call it quits” (Stanza 1), “Best friends Ex-friends till the end Better off as lovers And not the other way around” (Stanza 2), “Racing though the city Windows down In the back of yellow-checkered cars” (Stanza 3), “I can’t commit to a thing Be it heart or hospital” (Stanza 6 lines 3 and 4), and “The tombstones
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