Explanation Of The Story Of Sherlock Holmes

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1. Explanation of the plot (summary)
Doctor John H. Watson, who served in the war in Afghanistan, needs to share a place to live because economic issues, and Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric and talented consulting detective, is the person who becomes his best option. After a few days of living together, Watson finds out Holmes’s profession when he receives a letter from a detective Tobias Gregson, who asks for help to discover who was the murderer of E. J. Drebber. Watson joins Holmes to the crime scene, and he observes how Holmes works and gives clues about the murderer to the police only using his observation skills. Holmes works alone to get more information about the crime, and Watson learns and asks about his methods, which are explained as if they were a piece of cake. Having discovered who is the murderer, Holmes sets a trap
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Conflict (main problem or situation)
E. J. Drebber, a possible American businessman, is found killed in a hotel room without any injury or blood on his body even though there are marks of blood surrounding the body. Some clues found are a woman’s ring and the German word “Rache”, which means revenge, which confuses to the police.

3. Raising actions (events that highlight or stress the conflict)
Sherlock Holmes observes the crime scene and jumps into conclusions based on his observation skills and works alone to solve the crime. Later, Detective Gregson tells Holmes he thinks Arthur Champertein is the murderer because Drebber tried to abuse and marry Arthur’s sister, but this theory is refuted when Lestrade lets them know that Joseph Strangerson, Drebber’s secretary, was found dead.

4. Climax (the most important event that comes near the end)
Sherlock Holmes knows who is the killer, but he does not say the name to Lestrade and Gregson because they could ruin the plan. However, Holmes sets a trap at the moment when the detectives are with him, and he arrests Jefferson Hope, the murderer, who pretended to be a cab driver all the
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