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Explanatory Essay The following information is being provided as an explanation to the University as to issues that have significantly impacted my school performance and represent changes in my personal and school related goals. On Sept. 18th, 2011 at 2:44 am in Hamilton Ontario, Canada my girlfriend was killed in a hit and run accident. The driver was drunk and didn't stop when he hit her. I was very depressed and continue struggle with bouts of depression that keep me from fully concentrate on my studies. My average for almost all 4U classes are around 95, but when this thing happened, my result dropped from high 90s to high 70's. This is mainly because the depression after her death. I understand that many individuals have to unfortunately deal with the death of a loved one. For me, the sudden and unexpected nature of her demise, and under the circumstances surrounding her death, I was completely devastated. It was different than any other loss I had ever experienced. There was no way to prepare myself for what happened. What minute we were talking and making plans to see each other later, and the seemingly in the next minute, I was being told that she was gone. Even in writing these words as an effort to explain my current academic situation, I find myself struggling to put the words on paper. It still seems so unreal to me. In addition to the feelings of grief and loss I have and continue to experience, there is also very significant and disturbing levels of anger
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