Explanations and Analyses of Articles: Vitamin D Supplementation and Cancer Prevention

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Vitamin D can be found in fortified milk, liver, fatty fish and eggs. This vitamin is different from other because body is able to synthesize it. Exposure to sunlight no more than 5-15 minutes a day is all that is necessary to satisfy the requirements for Vitamin D. The vitamins main role in the body is to sustain regular blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. The latest research on Vitamin D has uncovered the potential in fighting or preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes.
Explanations and Analyses of Articles A review of current data on bone health, calcium and Vitamin D and dietary intakes of the Vitamin and mineral emphasized that bone loss, osteoporosis and fracture risk are major concerns to patients and health professionals (Sunyecz 2008). Concerns for the increasing ageing population involve the long-term effects of osteoporosis, which include pain, the loss of independence and institutionalized care. Preventing bone loss and osteoporosis should therefore be a major step. It must start with proper education on a healthy lifestyle, which includes optimal intake of calcium and Vitamin D throughout life. Dietary sources for both abound but most people do not consume adequate amounts. The awareness and risk of the effects of sunlight also limited exposure to it to synthesize the Vitamin…
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