Explanations and Treatments of Abnormal Behavior

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Explanations and Treatments of Abnormal Behaviour

Problems defining abnormal behaviour:

The problems with defining abnormality are that psychologists have to distinguish what is a normal reaction and what is abnormal behaviour; lots of people can react to a situation the same way and because of society norms and values this makes behaviour “normal” however it could still be classed as abnormal however there are large culture differences in a mixed society and what one person feels is abnormal another may seem completely normal dependent on background, religion or moral beliefs. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5 (DSM) is used to identify if a patent has abnormal behaviours, The issue with the DSM is that it is largely
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Depressive periods:
• Helplessness/ Sad
• Low appetite
• Disturbed sleep / Early mornings
• Suicidal thoughts/ tendencies
• Pessimistic/ self-doubt
• Low motivation/ Low Energy levels

Mania periods:
• Elated/ overjoyed
• Speech quickens
• Delusional / Hallucinations
• Low levels of sleeping/ eating
• Thoughts of great ideas / out of character decision making
• High energy levels

The Psychodynamic explanation
Sigmund Freud’s (1917) explanation for Bipolar is defined in his Psychoanalytic theory of the ID. EGO and SUPEREGO, Freud’s work explained that the ID was a sub-conscious part of our individual awareness that has desires and urges that needs to be fulfilled without the individual recognising it themselves. The SUPEREGO is between the conscious and sub-conscious and is morally virtues’, it defines what we should do as an individual. The EGO is the part of our conscious, are thoughts, ideas and awareness as well as are preconscious (information we can recall), the EGO thinks with reality principles, deciding what an individual can and should not do to balance out the ID and the SUPEREGO desires. Freud believed that when a person reacts to an emotional situation for example bereavement this is suppressed and there may be anger or grief that cannot be released due to the sensitive time of losing a loved one so the person will displace the grief/ anger onto themselves this then causes more anguish, this forces
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