Explanations of the Branches of Philosophy

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Explanations of the Branches of Philosophy Jacqueline T. Ashley April 3, 2016 AIU Online Professor Ian McDougall Explanations of the Branches of Philosophy Philosophy is the study of the primary essence of knowledge, reality, and existence, mainly when viewed as an educational regimen. Philosophy includes an approach of questions and answers among a couple of individuals; this approach is referred to as a dialogue. In a dialogue, an individual is searching for a reasonable view and comprehension and the other individual already has to understand and wants to assist the other. Philosophy encompasses six branches to aid in the comprehension of the orderly and logical approach to philosophy. The six branches are Metaphysics,…show more content…
(Herzfeld, N. L., Snyder, M. G., Winter, V. L., Daintith, J., & Knowles, E. (2003). Ethics is the third branch of philosophy, which is the research handling what is the appropriate approach to action for humankind. It answers the questions, “What do I do?” It is the research of accurate and inaccurate in human ventures. At a more basic level, it is the technique that classifies principles and how they are pursued. Do individuals pursue their personal happiness, or do they relinquish themselves to a more substantial need? Is that principle of ethics originated from the Bible, or on the real essence of mankind himself or not either? Ethics is necessary for human existence. It’s human’s manner of determining an approach of effort. Without ethics, there would be no way to pursue an objective. Individuals reactions would be erratic and purposeless without ethics. Ethics properly arrange goals and actions to rationally execute essential values. A method of ethics must also incorporate not only crisis circumstances but daily decisions we make continuously. It has to incorporate relationships with other and identify their significance not only for physical endurance but for well-being and happiness. Any deficiency in ethics will lessen the capability to be prosperous in efforts. (Ethics. (n.d.). In Ethics, I think being a good person has values, their compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic, to others feelings, cares and helps other that are in need, encourages
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