Explication Of Courage

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Edgar Albert Guest's poem “Courage” says discusses less of what courage means, and more what it is, how it changes a person. Guest explains that “Courage isn't a brilliant dash, a daring deed in a moment's flash;It isn't an instantaneous thing, born of despair with a sudden spring. It isn't a creature of flickered hope, or the final tug at a slipping rope; But it's something deep in the soul of man, that is working always to serve some plan.” I think Guest was trying to say how someone who has courage doesn't flare up every once in a while, it isn't a flash of strength or a power-up, it's a deep part of you. People who are courageous have something special in them, and it's something used in every situation. I think, especially the part where he says; “That is also working to serve some plan.” Even when you don't need the courage inside you, it's moving and alive. You are saving it up, storing it, it's making you stronger every day, so that when you need to brave your foes and fears, you have the ability to pull out and…show more content…
“Courage isn't a dazzling light. That flashes and passes away from sight;” This line, I believe, refers to the idea that courage is a stunningly beautiful light, that you cannot see it until it's being displayed as an act of heroism. Guest was trying to point out that courage isn't heroism, which is flashy and showy. It's another trait entirely, and it isn't always impressive or pretty. Sometimes it seems commonplace and prosaic. Just because it isn't always awe-inspiring, doesn't mean it's not impactful. Being tenacious enough to combat fear and hopelessness always makes a difference. Even if the difference is small, it's the very act of fighting darkness that keeps despondence at bay. “It's a slow, unwavering, ingrained trait, with the patience to work and the strength to wait. It's part of a man when his skies are blue, it's part of him when he has work to do. The brave man never is freed of it. He has it when there is no need of
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