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Accurate and realistic representation of LGBT+ individuals in today’s society is unproportional and lacking. While it is safe to say that the majority of people in the United States have a basic understanding of what LGBT+ means, their understanding may not be as complete as it should be and of the sparse rhetoric coverage of LGBT+ issues, no one really goes past the four first letters of the acronym: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Essentially, all other “queer” identities are swept under the rug and erased from any discussion due to its assumed complexity and confusion. This ignorance leads to harsh stereotypes and cliched depictions that prevent further discussion and education over LGBT+ issues to occur. This is where Ashley…show more content…
But, The ABC’s of LGBT+ goes beyond being a simple start-up book by an internet personality. In fact, the book is a collaboration of over forty LGBT+ bloggers and prominent voices, the Gender Spectrum, Everyone is Gay, TSER and The Gender Book (Mardell, 2016:288-305) who regularly fact-checked and edited all the information in the book for complete precision in definitions and depiction since Mardell herself does not have personal experience with each identity. Its overall topics include, but are not limited to, spectrums, gender, sexual and romantic identities, as well as, a glossary of terms discussed throughout the book. She begins with spectrums, what she calls a tool to understanding identity (Mardell, 2016: 494), as her first chapter in order to lay a foundation of understanding how identities exist and are interpreted, especially by making a point that everyone’s spectrum is different and that all the topics in her book are fluid, diverse and have no one definition (Mardell, 2016: 521).
Her section on gender begins with asking the question, what is sex? Mardell then delves into the science of sex’s definition while continually comparing it to the social construct that humans have interpreted sex as. She paints a picture that shows, rather than tells, the difference between sex and gender with why and how it exists. This understanding allows her readers to grasp the more complex topics easier and sets a standard of acceptance for different ways of thinking.

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