Explicit Organizational Values: The Volkswagen Company

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VOLKSWAGEN ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES IN PRACTICE Explicit Organizational Values The Volkswagen Company maintains a 130-page expression of its organizational values titled One Plus One Equals Three Corporate Social Responsibility at Volkswagen: Combining Value with Values (Volkswagen, 2006). It presents a detailed corporate philosophy that emphasizes corporate responsibility as one that is equal in importance to the traditional vision of modern business: economic success. It provides a commitment to the community at the local, regional, national, international, and global levels. More specifically, according to the Volkswagen values, the act of doing business in the human community entails myriad corresponding ethical responsibilities within the framework of contributing to society beyond self aggrandizement. According to the Volkswagen organizational values, a for-profit business organization must "legitimize" their operations and their membership in society by respecting social concerns beyond just technical legal compliance; it must consider how its operations affect society economically and socially, and how they affect the global biosphere ecologically, and most of all, how the business operations of the organization contribute positively to the broadest global concerns. In principle, Volkswagen company values suggest that large business organizations inherit ethical obligations by virtue of their sixe and their economic power. At Volkswagen, the company

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