Exploitation Of Gender And Sexuality

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Exploitation of Gender and Sexuality in Ex Machina
The ever-evolving cinematic myth of Frankenstein has been recreated in various forms that parallel Mary Shelley’s original novel. Director Alex Garland transforms the cinemyth as a modern interpretation in the film Ex Machina through the character, Nathan, and his AI machines. The tensions of their relationship highlight the notorious creator/created dynamic of the cinemyth. Through the rapport between the main characters, Nathan and Caleb, and the AIs, the binaries of the film, such as male versus female supremacy, are accentuated in order to emphasize the underlying themes of gender and sexuality.
The setting of Ex Machina is utilized to create a distinct parallel of male territory being on the first floor of the house and of female-AI domain belonging to the subterranean levels of the house. This binary suggests that males are supreme over females by having their province in the house literally above the females which suggests their dominance in the “trophic levels” of life. Likewise, the first conversation Nathan, the creator, and Caleb, the tester, partake discussing the AI’s takes place on the first floor. Caleb retorts that Nathan has made deity-like history: “If you’ve created a conscious machine, it’s not the history of man. That’s the history of gods” (00:11:23). Male dominance further exudes from their dialect as Nathan exerts his divine authority over the AI’s by altering Caleb’s words to refer to himself as a…

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