Exploitation of Women in the Developing World

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The modern world today is proud to recognize the equality that has been acknowledged between age, gender, and race. Women are beginning to be treated as equals with men, in new customs, lifestyle, society, and economy. Today, women are freer and are liberated from their traditional roles as housewives, and are pursuing their hopes and dreams. However, this is not the case in many regions of the world. In the developing countries, thousands of females are dehumanized by prostitution and the trafficking of women and children is dehumanizing which serves only to benefit men. It exploits and violates the rights of women in the developing world. Sexual exploitation, which includes sex tourism, bride trade, temporary marriages, and sexual…show more content…
The deceived women are then sold off by pimps to the sex industry, and when they discover what their ‘job' entailed, they already owe thousands of dollars to their sex owners. They end up trapped trying to repay the money they never collected, and usually are forced to work full time in the sex industry for years, even decades, keeping them in poverty.
"Sexual exploitation preys on women and children made vulnerable by poverty, by economic development policies and practices, and by traffickers who capitalize on restricted migration policies." (Janice G. Raymond, Co-executive director of Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW))

The sex workers are slaves paying back their debts to the brothel owners. They are bonded by debt for years, not only working to earn back the money that they were sold for, but also the interest. According to Kevin Bales, there are two types of debt bondage. The first type is when a slave's life and labour is used as the collateral to acquire loans, forcing them to work towards the payment of these loans plus the interest. The second kind of debt bondage is when victims become bonded slaves when they violate the loan agreements made by the brothel owners and the sex traders.
Trafficking and prostitution are what makes the majority of the sex industry, but it should never be recognized as a job or legitimated as work. However, the trafficking system continues to be supported by certain governments, who view
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