Exploiting Cloud Computing For Smart Grid Applications

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Exploiting Cloud Computing for Smart Grid Applications: A Review Aditya Bhardwaj ME (CSE) Student Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India adityaform@gmail.com Dr. Maitreyee Dutta Professor & Head Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India d_maitreyee@yahoo.co.in Amit Doegar Assistant Professor Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India amit@nitttrchd.ac.in Abstract—To meet the Electric Power demands of a fast expanding economy, smart grid (SG) are expected to have reliable, efficient, secured and cost-effective power management system. Additionally, energy demands from the users change dynamically in different time-periods (such as on-peak , and off-peak) , which required dynamically availability…show more content…
Any smart grid (SG) infrastructure should support monitoring, analysis, control, and communication capabilities to the conventional Power Grid System to maximize the throughput of the system and reduce the energy consumption. The existing power grids need optimal balancing of electricity demand and supply between the consumers and the utility providers. So, Energy management needs to be addressed with the implementation of cloud computing in smart grid (SG). The overwhelming heterogeneous information generated in the smart grid (SG) due to widely deployed monitoring , metering, and measurement calls for a powerful and cost-effective information management mechanism for data processing, analysis and storage. Hence, we explore how cloud computing, a next-generation computing paradigm serves the information management in the smart grid (SG) In this respect, cloud computing can play key roles of motivation in the design of smart grid (SG). Cloud Providers facilitate cloud computing and offer services with their huge servers for computations and with their bid data centers for storage. This paper is organized as follows. In section II overview of cloud computing is presented. In section III and IV smart grid (SG) overview and its Framework is described. In section V analysis of cloud computing for smart grid (SG) applications is presented
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