Exploiting Loss Article Review : A Study Of Death And Grief Online

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Exploiting Loss Article Review There are many ethical issues when considering how to handle research on grief and bereaving on social media and blogs. Do the bloggers and users of social media have the same rights to privacy that people have when the source is paper/written? This article, Exploiting Loss?: Ethical Considerations, Boundaries, and Opportunities for the Study of Death and Grief online, focuses on six ethical issues when studying death and grief online: privacy and anonymity; researcher lurking; language choice and changes; topical sensitivity; emotional impact on researchers; and researchers responsibilities and obligation. Each of these topic are important to understand and set the guidelines for now and in the future as social media and blogs/ online articles are becoming the way to communicate not only in your own country, but around the world. The First Issue that is discussed if the ethical issue of privacy and anonymity. There are many interpretations of the limitations to privacy online. There is the general understanding that comments are considered to be public, but the actual studying of the sites discussing the issues of death and bereavement is more complicated. They need to be looked at the same way as we look at newspaper columns. The question is as to whether blogs and sites like this could be cited. In newspaper articles the person can hide their identity under a pseudonym, it’s harder to do this via the internet. They had submitted several

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