Exploration Narrative Essay

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The testimonies written in both early exploration narratives and seventeenth century Puritan texts described how a particular explorer viewed the new land of America. Each of these writings had their own deception about the significance of America, both as a physical place and also as an ideal. Christopher Columbus wrote several exploration narratives during his journeys to and from the new land. He offered his own personal definitions and arguments about what he saw and thought about his new discoveries. In the text "Letter to Luis de Santangel", Columbus writes about his crowning achievement, the discovery of new world. I believe that this text helps convey a specific definition of America. Columbus portrayed America as being…show more content…
Another passage in this text which shows the idea of America as paradise is "In it there are many harbors on the coast of the sea, beyond comparison with others which I know in Christendom, and many rivers, good and large, which is marvelous." This excerpt from Columbus about the shore of the new world describes how the inlets of the coast make for great harbors. This was an extremely important detail for explorers during that time in history. Sea ports and inlets allowed explorers and the people of the land trade and travel with ease. Columbus knew that harbors were a very significant aspect of land as a territory and as a central reason why an area should be described as marvelous. Another quote from Columbus' letter that is significant is "All are most beautiful, of a thousand shapes, and they are accessible and filled with trees of a thousand kinds and tall, and they seem to touch the sky." This quote describes the mountain ranges which Columbus discovered. He wrote that the curves of the range are beautiful and that they are filled with life. The next line from Columbus tells of the significance of the mountains being overwhelmed with trees. "And I am told that they never lose their foliage, as I can understand, for I saw them as green and as lovely as they are in Spain in May, and some of them were flowering, some bearing fruit, and some in another stage, according to their nature." This passage compares the
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