Exploration Of African Spirituality : Comparison Between A Mercy And The Story Of Tituba

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Exploration of African Spirituality: Comparison between A Mercy and the story of Tituba
Both I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Conde and A Mercy by Toni Morrison are renowned works of fiction surrounding the individual journeys of black women in the African diaspora of early America that began with the transatlantic slave trade. They carry similar themes of abandonment, sexism, desire, spirituality, and self-growth. Not only Florens, but Lina as well, have narratives that reflect that of the fictional representation of Tituba.
A Mercy tells the story of individual journeys related to gender, religion, race, and love through multiple perspectives of those living in the late 17th century. Florens, the character in which the story
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Tituba, despite being at the forefront of male oppression, willingly gives up her freedom for a slave she falls in love with, “My mother had been raped by a white man. She had been hanged because of a white man. I had seen his tongue quiver out of his mouth, his penis turgid and violet. My adoptive father had committed suicide because of a white man. Despite all that, I was considering living among white men again, in their midst, under the domination. And all because of an uncontrollable desire for a mortal man. Wasn’t it madness? Madness and betrayal.” but even her ultimately betrays her by accusing her of witchcraft alongside everyone else. “I learned through prison rumor that John Indian was in the front line of the accusers, that he accompanied the girls, those scourges of God, shouted when they shouted, had seizures when they had them, and gave names louder and stronger than they did.” Throughout her life, she develops close bonds with many of the other women she meets and uses her powers on them for healing and protection rather than manipulation. Unlike I, Tituba, however, self-deprecation and subordination plays a role alongside general male tyranny in the sexism against the

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