Exploration Of Concepts And Methodologies Of Online Machine Translators

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Exploration of Concepts and Methodologies of Online Machine Translators in Two Studies Since research methodology tells research readers “who were studied, what was studied, and how the information was collected and analyzed”(Perry, 2011), it plays a great role for readers to evaluate the provided study. Methodology also affects the knowledge that researchers constructed from their studies, and then deliver to their readers. Therefore, I am going to examine how the used methods affect the knowledge that researchers construct through examining the methodology in two set of research studies, which are “Machine Translation-Assisted Language Learning: Writing for Beginners” by Garcia and Pena, and “Our Policies, Their Text: German Language Students’ Strategies with and Beliefs about Web-Based Machine Translation” by White and Heidrich. Both research studies have similar main topic; however, each one has its own concerns and research questions. They both focused on the use of online machine translation as a facilitator of writing process in the target language, but each one examines the topic from different perspectives and they use different methods to construct their knowledge. Therefore, upon examining Garcia and Pena (2011), and White and Heidrich (2013), I found that the methodologies they use in their study have a great impact on the information they produced about the use of online machine translators and about the students’ beliefs on those programs. They…
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