Exploration Of Health And Policy Websites

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Exploration of Health and Policy Websites The author of this paper is a registered nurse, a graduate student of Maryville University who lives in San Mateo, California with zip code 94403. The author has conducted a search of her state and federal legislators. In this paper, committees of federal representatives and senators are discussed. Main focus is given to the legislators’ involvement in health care policy. The paper also discusses how California Action Coalition implements the recommendations of the Future of Nursing. Additionally, the relevance of selected websites (http://www.hhs.gov, http://www.house,gov, http://www.senate.gov, and http://www.thefutureofnursing.gov) to the author’s current practice and practice in the near future…show more content…
California Senator Jerry Hill Since November 2012, the author’s California State Representative has been Senator Jerry Hill (District 13). In 2012, 18 bills authored by Jerry Hill were signed into law (California State Senate Majority Caucus, 2014). These laws included some health promotion and disease prevention laws: restrictions of underage drinking, tobacco prevention among minors, and safety of child seats (California State Senate Majority Caucus, 2014). This State Senator is on multiple committees, for example, Banking and Financial Institutions, Appropriations, Energy, Utilities and Communications, as well as Committee on passenger rail (California State Senate Majority Caucus, 2014). Jerry Hill currently advocates limo safety bill (California State Senate Majority Caucus, 2014) U.S. Senator from California Barbara Boxer (Class 3) and Dianne Feinstein (Class 1) Barbara Boxer was elected to the United State Senate in 1992 and reelected three times since then (Senate, 2014a). Her term ends January 2017 (Senate, 2014a). She is on Committee on Environment and Public Works as well as Committee on Ethics. Barbara Boxer is a very active U.S. Senator, especially regarding health policy (Senate, 2014a). Recently she has released a staff report
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