Exploration of Death Through Socio-Historical Lenses

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Religion defines death by portraying ideas of legitimacy to life and, therefore, providing shelter and meaning to death. This essay will explore death through socio-historical lenses by identifying key death concepts in both Christianity and The people’s temple religions. Christianity is the contemporary sense has around 41,000 (PewReasearch , 2011,)interconnected denominations, making it have overall influence of 31.7 percent (PewReasearch , 2011,) of the world religions. Making it one of the most powerful and influential institutions in the worlds. However, because of its size and minor differences between it many denominations it makes it hard to create a specific representation with every single idea considered, therefore this essay…show more content…
3)depicts that Female derives from the word “Famina” which meant “lacking in faith” (Roberts, p.4) therefore, depicting women as feebler in both mind and body towards the temptation that the devil put forward, which was labelled as “carnal lust” , creating a legitimized reason to find suspicion in every woman and therefore resulting in legitimized massacre.(Roberts, p.5) On the other hand Genocide was also attempted by the Catholic Church within the medieval period. The crusades were originally portrayed by Pope Urban and his Papal as a “holy war” (Runciman, 1945, p. 4) to take back the holy city of Jerusalem and its artefacts. However in reality the crusade was more associated with the loss of Christian power due to the new Muslim dominance that was growing across Europe. The wager, however was the most interesting idea as Pope Urban initialized that any man that does his religious duty to the church will enter heaven with the complete obsolescence of their sins. Portraying that once again the death systems adapted to the situation, but more importantly that the idea of eternal life is highly sought after. (Runciman, 1945). The Christian faith in relation to its death literature and its death systems presents very complex image, however patterns can be seen throughout the examples. Firstly, that death and society or death and religion seem to be linked in the sense that the death

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