Exploration of Pastoral and Academic Support for the Learners

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Exploration of pastoral and academic support for the learners
Explain the practice used with in your setting to establish the specific pastoral and academic support needs of learners
Discuss the range of appropriate support both internally from external agencies to meet identified need
Outline procedures used to enable learners to access support available.

A students’ wellbeing is vitally important. As tutors We want our graduates to leave us equipped with all the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead fulfilling careers and personal lives. Creating a stimulating and supportive environment helps them to thrive in every way – from their intellectual and sporting achievements, to their spiritual development and social and
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Each individual player will be monitored and supported across the FA 4 corner model (pictured below), this model outlines the factors that need to be considered as a young player or learner grows and develops in the learning environment. Each of the corners is connected and relies on support from the other three areas.

The FA 4 Corner Model (long-term player development)

We introduced this model to help the young learners understand that technical ability unaccompanied will not be enough on the pathway to excellence. They must understand that barriers or challenges such as injuries, growth spurts, external pressures, financial issues and self doubt could all potentially face them as they grow and develop in the game. To add to the complexity of the 4 corner model even cultural, faith and ethnic issues which arise with diverse groups are taken into account.

As you can see from the diagram players have an opportunity to alter the amount of support they require on a regular basis, this can range from a high amount of support over all 4 corners or very little support over just one corner. Some of the Academic/Pastoral support services we have implemented internally have included:

Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist – We have one sport scientist and one physiotherapist on site at every training session and every game. They work with the players and offer 1-to-1 support on all physiological aspects of their

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