Exploration of a Professional Journal Article in Psychology

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Exploration of a Professional Journal Article in Psychology
Lestia Reese
John Lynch
Psychology of Adjustment
March 03, 2013

1The purpose of the article of descriptive phenomenological study was to identify and describe the essential meaning structure in the experience of postpartum depression (PPD). 2They interviewed four women diagnosed with major depression and analyzed the data with Giorgi’s descriptive phenomenological method. Their analysis revealed two essential meaning structures of PPD. The first structure describes the mother as throw into a looming, dangerous world, coupled with a restricted, heavy body that hindered her attunement to her baby. Tormented by anxiety, guilt and shame, she tried to deal with her pain by
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Activities that promote attunement to the baby, physical contact, baby massage, etc., could be part of the therapeutic process. Also, planned activities over the course of the day involving social contact with others, especially other mothers, can help restore the synchronicity to the social world and give necessary direction and purpose in the mothers’ lives. However, it is important that this rehabilitation process is gradual and adjusted to the patients’ present mode of existence. Also, given the degree of guilt and shame experienced by the mothers, a therapeutic atmosphere of openness, trust and assurance of confidentiality is crucial. These principles for therapeutic action are important with respect to both meaning structures. However, mothers with a deformation of primordial my-ness might benefit more from pharmacological treatment directed towards restoring synchronization at a biological level. Their unbearable anxiety puts them at high risk for committing suicide, thus it is important to assess possible suicidal ideation and plans. Hospitalization is likely necessary for a period of time. It is essential to inform the patient of the nature of her depression and to provide hope of future recovery. They recommended that the mother participates in active therapeutic action aimed at resynchronization as soon as her anxiety has become tolerable.

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