Explorations And Trapping : Mountain Men Of The 1840's

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Explorations and Trapping: Mountain Men of The 1840 's The mountain men were known for their explorations and fur trapping in the Rocky Mountains and the great plains from about 1810 to 1880. Outside of their explorations and trapping, the Mountain Men also created Emigrant Trails which allowed Americans of the East to settle in the West. To some they [mountain men] symbolized the rugged freedom of the frontier, to others, anarchy and degradation. The debate surrounding mountain men was, at its core, really a debate about the nature of the West: was the frontier the site of healthy independence or dangerous dissolution? Through the rising and crashing of the trappers ' rendezvous in the 1840 's and the scarce enemies that the mountain men had, Christopher "Kit" Carson, Jim Bridger, and James "Jim" Beckwourth continued to lead the explorations and trappings in the Rocky Mountains making clear that those men were there promoting healthy independence across the frontier during the 1840 's.
For starters, the Mountain Men sold their fur and created the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous in order to make profit. Essentially, the rendezvous was a gathering that happened each year in various locations where trappers were able to sell their fur and hides as well as replenish their supplies(Sage). These events were known to be lively places that welcomed all (Barkin). The ones that typically showed were free-trappers, Indians, native trappers ' wives, children, and even travelers that had…
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