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Death Penalty: Is China worst executor due to the morality? Samo Valuch ENG 290 Miles White Explanatory paper November 20th, 2011 The death penalty or in other words capital punishment is a form of execution used for a long time. It is a form of punishment that was and still is used by several countries for various types of crimes for hundreds of years. However the death penalty has become a very debatable and confronting issue for last decades due to the fact of people having different opinions on this issue. In some countries it is considered to be a part of the judicial system, while…show more content…
He tries to raise and show the importance of the death penalty issue. Within his article he refers to a research institution called Amnesty International. According to their research, the evidence show that in year 2010, the death penalty was used in 23 countries.( The Atlantic, 2011) United States ranked in top five with the number of 46 executed prisoners, Iran placed second with number of 252 executed prisoners, and China ranked first, executing thousands of prisoners.( The Atlantic, 2011) However there is no exact evidence to the Chinese execution numbers. The Chinese government keeps it in secret. Even when I searched the Amnesty International report of death penalty, their report show similar numbers that I found in Max Fishers article, however the numbers about the Chinese executions are not shown due to the fact of being hidden by Chinese government. According to report, “the worst offending countries are Iran with at least 388 executions, Iraq with at least 120, Saudi Arabia with at least 69 and the USA with about 52 executions.” (Amnesty International, 2009) These numbers are still quite high due to the fact that a general trend toward abolition of the death penalty has increased and more countries have abolished death penalty. I was little curious, if I can find any more about the numbers of Chinese execution cases. I found an article in BBC news, written by Chris
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