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This exploratory study specifically aimed to find out the the developmental experience between Indian adolescent daughters of institutionalised and non-institutionalised schizophrenic mothers. The developmental experience explained using Robert Havighurst’s Developmental Task theory. In particular, this study explored the challenges, promoting factors and coping strategies involve in the developmental experience of the adolescent daughters’. The participants of the study consisted of twenty adolescent girls between the age range of twelve and nineteen, whose mothers having schizophrenia. The researcher collected data residing different districts of Kerala during the period of five months. Data were gathered from various sources such as interview of the participants and their family members, schools, Girls homes, rehabilitation…show more content…
They had to face challenges in all eight developmental tasks including peer relationship, feminine role, physical development, preparation of marriage life, future career decision, emotional independence, socially responsible behavior and values and ethical system. Despite the negative experiences, some of the participants perceived some positive factors to handle the challenges and promote their everyday life effectively due to the support and care they received from other sources. They adopted some strategies to cope with the difficulties. It might affected sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. The primary goal in choosing this topic was to give voice to the challenging experiences of adolescent daughters’ and to learn from them what is required to overcome the significant challenge of being the daughter of a mother with schizophrenia. A qualitative mode of enquiry was best suited for the multidimensional and idiosyncratic biographical data in which adolescent girls could describe their inner thoughts, feelings, dreams and emotional responses to the chaotic family
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