Explore How Stevenson Creates a Sense of Intrigue and Engages the Reader’s Interest in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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‘Explore how Stevenson creates a sense of intrigue and engages the reader’s interest in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. This book is a classic and has been very successful; therefore it has been turned into several films and theatre productions. The book seizes the reader’s attention and gets straight into drama and action, making it hard to put down. This well thought out and complicated book touches on many topics and themes. There are many reasons why Stevenson has done such a good job of making it very hard to put down this novel, for example, Stevenson’s strong characters, the setting, the plot, how the book is written and the several themes. There are…show more content…
From this description of Mr Utterson, we get a real sense of who he his and how he is a strange and lonely character. Stevenson has been clever the way he worded his description, because he has used alliteration which creates a certain effect and mood. ‘Lean, long, dusty dreary.’ Stevenson has also used hard sounding words which grab the attention of the reader. Stevenson’s characters are not normal, average characters; they are strange, or evil with secrets. Therefore making the reader want to find out the secrets of the characters and what they may be hiding. The theme isolation and loneliness creates mystery for the reader and the reader knows that Utterson is lonely for a reason, so this encourages the reader to find out in depth what the character has been through. The setting relates to the genres and themes and also intrigues the reader to read on as the setting creates the mood for what is going to happen next. For example there are lots of descriptions of the weather, particularly in chapter four. Stevenson describes the weather, as ‘a fog rolled over the city in the small hours, the early part of the night was cloudless, and the lance was brilliantly lit by the full moon’. Stevenson has set chapter four at night, as night is the scariest and gothic time and particularly with a fog, as it makes it hard to see any faces, which could be

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