Explore and compare the romantic relationships in the play; Beatrice and Benedick, Claudio and Hero

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Explore and compare the romantic relationships in the play; Beatrice and Benedick, Claudio and Hero The theme of love is the fundamental premise in this play. Shakespeare has shrewdly created two relationships intertwining and unfolding throughout the play that contrast with each other dramatically and comically. The story of Beatrice and Benedick takes centre stage in the play and because of there witty and extroverted personalities we immediately warm towards them. Hero and Claudio however are more conservative in nature making their relationship more acute and serious. Both relationships are so diverse they are easy to compare with each other. The relationship between Claudio and Hero…show more content…
Benedicks character has two main sections to it. His persistent witty courtier and the tedious tactic of disparagement towards love. He constantly refers to love, his dislike of women and the fact that he will remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. Claudio on the other hand likes the idea of falling in love and constantly talks and thinks about Claudio. I find it ironic that Claudio is the one who relentlessly talks of his love of Hero, but then later disregards her without question, and it is Benedick who has sworn himself away from love and women who later declares his deep love for Beatrice. Beatrice and Benedick are indubitably the most interesting and well liked characters in the play. A bond is created between the reader and Beatrice and Benedick because of there realistic and pragmatic nature. The reader can relate to these two characters better than anyone else in the play. Beatrice comes across as being witty, intelligent, energetic but lonely. We establish that from an early age she has been the orphaned cousin who seems to be on the outside of many things. However her position and character allows Beatrice a freedom to be extreme in a way that Hero cannot. From the opening scene we can see that the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick is a complex one
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