Explore the Concept of Human Suffering as Outlined in Luke's Gospel and Discuss It Relevance Today

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The term suffering can be defined as any unwanted condition and the corresponding negative emotion. It is usually associated with pain and unhappiness, but any condition can be described as suffering. Christians suffer throughout the world everyday and it is not through their lack of faith. Christians under Nero were persecuted for their faith in God, through this suffering God promised them a place in his kingdom. God also promises us a place in his kingdom, even though throughout our lives we will face the good times and the bad, God is always with us. Others believe that since God is a ‘good God' why does all this suffering exist? We don't know the answer to this but perhaps some people become better people through suffering. …show more content…
The story of the man with dropsy is an example of physical suffering. In the time of Jesus people believed that you only became sick through sinning against God or breaking the law, so they had no sympathy for the sick. The religious leaders in particular would not associate with them for fear they'd become unclean. However, in today's society people are keen to help those suffering from any type of illness and special attention is given to people with AIDS. Denis Mc Bride points out that, ‘the Pharisees believed that the man's disease would have been a powerful argument in favour of the school which argued that suffering resulted from sinfulness.' This is untrue as people can be born with diseases even though they have not sinned. Today people know that illness is not the result of sinning against God.

Death is a form of suffering everyone is going to have to experience at some stage in their lives whether it is a loved one's death or their own. It is a situation even if we know it is coming; we can never seem to be prepared for it. People with a terminal illness suffer themselves but also their family go through the pain of watching them die and they know that after they are gone their family will be grieving. Death is a suffering that is always going to exist and people have to try and prepare for it. Jesus knew that his death was near and therefore his ministry and the message that his ministry brought was one of urgency. Jesus suffered on the

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