Explore the Idea a Consumer Society Is a Divided Society

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This essay will explore the notion that a consumer society is a divided society. By using the information presented in the making social lives booklet it is hoped this essay will present itself clearly in its dialogue offering concise points of discussion relevant to the topic at hand. This essay will look at what consumer society is, how it evolved and why society might be considered consumerist also at how different members of society consume and why these things contribute to the opinion of divisions within a consumer society. Social historians could argue that the idea a of consumer society started as far back as the late 1800s.It was department stores that brought consumer culture to the masses. The first purpose built department…show more content…
You might have an old person with limited money, someone who is not “online” or someone who just isn’t “in the know”. Perhaps someone suffering with a disability has to prioritise their money on their treatment or care meaning they have no disposable income, leaving them with a sense of isolation and exclusion from society (Bauman cited in Hetherington, 2009, P27). The notion of luxury and abundance is now, in a modern UK society, exuded by out of town shopping malls or retail parks. Typically located near a major motor way with commuter links, restaurants, cinemas as well as the clothes, food and electrical shops you would have once expect to find on a typical high street. These retail parks have come to embody modern consumer society of the twenty first century. It’s been suggested that to be able to take advantage of these places one would need to have certain things available to them, for instance a car to commute to the out of town location, or the extra disposable money that would be required to take the bus there and back. Following this line of thought takes us back to the idea of seduced and repressed consumers and the division within society based on those who can consume effectively and those who cannot. Veblen coined the phrase conspicuous consumption. He tells us people are trying to send a message out to society, they want to be perceived a certain way by others through what and how they consume. Veblen suggests that
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