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1. What kind of information and services does the Web site provide for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses? List these services. The UPS website provides information and services regarding billing, shipping, tracking, and business solution for large and small businesses, and individuals. Services for Individuals are: • My UPS and UPS account – This service has features such as billing information, account summary, address book, etc; and can be maintained online by the customer. • Shipping – The customer can create and start a shipment online, calculate the time and cost for the shipment, schedule pick-ups, and create returns and imports. • Tracking – This feature allows the customer to track packages and…show more content…
Services provided for shipping are UPS CampusShip, WorldShip, and UPS Internet shipping. • Tracking – This feature allows customers to track packages and freights with services like Quantum view, UPS my choice, UPS Supply chain solution, Flex global view (Total tracking, supplier tracking, Inventory tracking), and Void a shipment. UPS Tracking system lets the businesses handle their staffing requirements based on the anticipated high-volume shipping and receiving. • Freight – Services for freight are Critical Freight, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, LTL (Less then truckload) and Trucking (Full truckload), UPS Cross border connect, and UPS Freight LTL. • Financial services – Businesses can use services like COD secure and capital merchant services, Insurance, Financing and lending for their financial needs. • Technology solution – UPS Customer technology program, UPS developer kit, UPS ready program are services that small businesses can use for solving their technology related needs. • UPS Communication via E-mail – The website has features like New product announcements/enhancements, promotions and offers, newsletters, service updates/ regulatory changes. • Compass – UPS publication that features the latest product information and business insights with Blogs and articles for businesses; and real
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