Explore the Varieties of and Attitudes to Texting

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Explore the varieties of and attitudes to texting

With technology rife in today’s society are the boundaries between spoken and written language becoming ever nearer? It seems that young children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly are all turning to mobile devices as an aid of communication. The frequent use of texting has brought about new features, such as clipping, that are unique to the texting world, this is thought to be putting a strain on our abilities to use correct Standard English. In this essay I will explore the variety of language and text specific features used within text messaging. I will also analyse the various attitudes towards texting and finally give my own opinion.

The 1900’s was the beginning of
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In Oliver’s first reply he writes ‘what r we havin’, now this seems to be a question yet he uses no punctuation to imply that it is. Even so Abbie replies with an answer; this indicates that because they are siblings they can relate. In data set two (a text conversation between Abbie and her friend Ella, both aged 15) a lot of features are used. Firstly both Abbie and Ella use emoticons, this is too show each person how the other is feeling. They also use x’s and o’s to reveal emotion and as these letters together mean ‘hugs and kisses’; it shows that they are happy and not angry or upset. Something that symbolises Ella and Abbie’s age and that they are friends is the word ‘goon’, this word is generally used by teenagers in a joking manor and it means idiot. Finally the time between each text being received is fairly short, this could be because teenagers use their phones a lot; therefore they always have them on hand. It may also be because they are anticipating a reply, which means they are getting ready to respond, and if Abbie and Ella were talking face to face they would do the same; this is called ‘turn –taking.’ Lastly in data set three (a text conversation between Abbie and her Grandma) correct spelling and capitals have been used and the punctuation is perfect. This is because Abbie’s Grandma is new to texting and has therefore not been introduced to ‘text talk’ and uses correct English grammar and so on. For Abbie’s text messages to be
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