Explore the Way Shakespeare Present Strong Feelings in His Play, Much Ado About Nothing.

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In my opinion there are many different types or kinds of strong feelings, from hate to anger and romance to love. Shakespeare has and always will be one of the greatest writers of all time at expressing these types of feelings. Shakespeare portrays these in many different poetic styles and genres, for example in his sonnets. However he is also known for expressing his feelings towards love in over 30 of his plays through the genres of romantic comedy and tragedy. In one of his plays, “Much Ado About Nothing”, Shakespeare uses many different types of love; through a family, a well connected town, soldiers returning from war and lovers. Taking one aspect of this, the lovers, I pick out one male role in particular, Benedick. Who appears…show more content…
The way these lines bounce off one another highlights the compatibility of Beatrice and Benedick, although at this point in the pay, both vehemently deny any interest in the opposite sex, as Benedick declares “I love none”, to which Beatrice counters, “I had rather hear a dog bark than swear a man loves me.” However if you look at the contrast of the way he speaks of her in Act 1 Scene 1, when they are refusing to show their love to each other, saying, “What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?” and in Act 2 Scene 3 when their friends have cunningly and cruelly set them both up, “‘any pains that I take for you is as easy as thanks.’ If I do not take pity of her I am a villain! If I do not love her, I am a Jew.” You can see the contrast of how his pent up love hidden away between their banter, changed to a maturing sense of over gratitude and honest romantic love towards her even as she is being mean unto him. There is also a sense of overlap between Shakespeare’s sonnets and some of his plays. In Much Ado for example, there is a very strong connection, in my opinion, between the first meeting of Claudio and hero in Act 1 Scene 1 and Sonnet 18. In Act 1 Scene 1, Claudio on first sight of hero falls deeply in love, so much so he describes her as “the sweetest lady that I ever looked upon.” Also he rebukes Benedick’s single minded view by saying “Can the world buy such a jewel?” this has a very strong connection towards the entire
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