Exploring 3d Printing

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1) TOPIC a) 3D Printing 2) GROUP A MEMBERS b) Colette Davis: Team Lead c) Ryan Cornell: Assistant Team Lead/ Research & Writing d) Tess Bayne: Research & Writing e) Kimberly Brooks: Research & Writing f) Lindsay Clark: Research & Writing 3) THESIS STATEMENT g) 3D printing could potentially change the world as we know it. Through further research and development, this technology has the potential to save lives through medical uses, equip military members with necessary tools, reduce manufacturing costs, and help the environment. 4) INTRODUCTION h) Today, 3D printers have evolved to make a variety of objects using a laser or extruder (the material output…show more content…
There is also a cultural context associated, as well as media influence. This context and media influence is primarily geared towards the military use of 3D printing, potentially in a warzone. Section two will cover those implications and how they relate to the medical community in creating surgical tools and organs for those requiring transplants, as well as the cultural context and media influence towards the military application of this technology. k) “Socio-technical invention” is what Ratto & Ree, professors at the University of Toronto, have labeled 3D printing technology. This new technology will bring about new cultural expressions as well as a new form of community exchange. Human beings have a physical and psychological need to keep one foot in the real world. In today’s age of digital dematerialization, 3D printing technologies remind us of that need. It has become clear that technological developments have pushed out human society into a state where technology has become interwoven into our daily lives. 3D printing technologies also have the potential to change the political order. It is accepted that technologies have political elements and 3D printing may underline the relationship between technology and economic and political order. Capitalist order was mainly built upon machines. So could the generalization of this type of machine cause changes in consumption
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