Exploring A Career Within Entertainment Management

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The world’s population has one prominent commonality- a love of the entertainment industry. Whether it is on purpose or not; music, art, television, theater; these forms of entertainment are everywhere. Even though the entertainment industry is already enormous, it is expected to grow 9-13% in the next eight years (American Job Center and O*Net, 2015, Wages and Employment Trends). The industry’s digital revenue will total $994 billion; thus, increasing the need for entertainment managers (American Job Center and O*Net, 2015, Wages and Employment Trends). An entertainment manager is in control of all aspects of a performer, event, or venue (Rosewall, 2014). Their duties could include everything from conducting research, networking, or negotiating contracts, to booking performances, and managing events (American Job Center and O*Net, 2015, Tasks). The purpose of this research is to explore a career in entertainment management to determine if this is a strong fit. The elements investigated include job responsibilities, skills for success, and an overview of the industry. Also included in the research is a discussion of professional organizations, industry publications, career opportunities, and a self-analysis. This research is based on textbooks, academic articles, journals, and an interview with an industry professional. Job Responsibilities Those with a background in entertainment management might take on different roles within the hospitality and tourism industry, such as
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