Exploring A Religious Subculture : Buddhism

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I choose to complete Unit 13 Discussion on researching a religious subculture: Buddhism. History In 624 BC, a future Buddha and founder of Buddhism, who would eventually be named by his mother and father as Shakyamuni, was born into a royal Shakya family (About Buddhism). The King Shuddhodana and Queen Mahamaya had many predictions of their son extraordinary life; it as predicted that he son would one day become “either a Chakravartin, a universal monarch, or an “awakened one,” a Buddha” (The Kagyu Office, 2016). Before Shakyamuni went on his journey to reach enlightenment, he lived a fortuitous lifestyle. He was educated and trained to become his father’s successor. At sixteen, Siddhartha married a princess, Yashodhara. His life in Royalty had him engaged in the “delusions”. It wasn’t until he left the palace to go for a walk that he encountered Four signs: an old man, a sick person, and a dead body and a monk. The old man, a sick person, and a corpse gave him the clarity that life is short because it won’t last forever. At the age of twenty-nine, Siddhartha decided to leave his royal fortune, his wife and son to embark on an ascetic path through the teachings of Arada Kalama and Rudraka Rampurature, but he later realized that the road wasn’t for him. He left his ascetic teachers to seek his enlightenment. It took six years till Siddartha could find a place to call his sanctuary. He found his sanctuary, a place where he could meditate under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya,

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