Exploring A Topical Area Of English Law Of Your Choice

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Title: Explore a topical area of English law of your choice.
Name: Taha Aitabi-Hakimi.
Student Number: BMC141514368
Word count: 1,209.
Tutor: Jane McNamara.

Outline plan:

1. Explore a topical area of English Law of your choice.
2. Introduce the Police Powers to stop and search.
3. Explore the origins of stop and search.
4. Explain the current legal position in relevance to stop and search.
5. Outline the police power to stop and search.
6. Assessing arguments in proposition of the Act.
7. Assessing arguments in opposition of the Act.
8. Explore the relevance of ‘reasonable suspicion’ to the Act.
9. Analyse statistics for stop and search in the UK.

Stop and Search under PACE 1984. This assignment will explore, analyse and assess the powers given to the police in relevance to Section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984 (hereafter referred to as “S1. of PACE 1984”). In addition it will also give arguments in for the Act as well as arguments in opposing it; furthermore this assignment will outline the current legal position of the Act and will end by reaching a conclusion of the Police power to stop and search individuals (hereafter referred to as ‘sas’).
The police power to ‘sas’ an individual has historically been regarded as intrusive by some. S.1 of PACE 1984 originates from the much hated and controversial, pre-Victorian legislation, Section 4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824, known as the ‘sus’ law,

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