Exploring And Identifying Consciousness Through Observation And Understanding The Movement Of Naturally Occurring

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Exploring and identifying consciousness through observation and understanding the movement of naturally occurring elements using scientific explanation alongside artistic and philosophical exploration to determine the nature of consciousness within all life forms and matter and whether possible definition could reside in a combination of these separate disciplines?


I believe understanding consciousness and giving it a platform to stand without disproval or being discredited is crucial for the development of our society and understanding our relationship to one another. I want to explore and identify consciousness through observation and understanding of naturally occurring elements. I will use scientific and artistic explanation alongside philosophy and exploration of the use of psychedelic drugs to try and determine the nature of consciousness and whether matter is in fact conscious and if our own consciousness is capable of extending past the impermanence of our flesh.

The nature of human consciousness is ever debatable, questionable and somewhat unexplainable. We continuously make conscious decisions without recognition for how we as a species are capable of doing so, it is understood by materialistic science that our consciousness is a product of our brain activity and nothing more however there is an abundance of research that suggests this may not be the case and our conscious mind extends into our environment ultimately connecting us to
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